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How to write a Limerick

For more info, check out: In this short video we look at the structure and rhyming pattern of limericks.

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Longest human tunnel travelled through on a skateboard by a dog. Guiness World Records

The longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder is 30 people and was achieved by Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog in Lima, Peru, on November 8 2015.

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Spanish Conquest of the Inca Empire 3 Minute History

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Stirring the Brew

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centering read aloud 4-6-20

How to Start a Day

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If You’re Happy and You Know it Sing-a-Story!

If You’re Happy and You Know it Sing-a-Story!

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Morning message sonidos con la Pr

con Ms Sanchez vamos a practicar ;los sonidos de las dos consonantes PR.

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Jesus Loves the Little Children Book

Jesus Loves the Little Children book reading.

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April 2nd Writers Workshop

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Hallie Hamilton Speech2

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Bienivenida Al Sol

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The Literacy Challenge PSA: Group 7

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