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Oil portrait painting

We will be looking at the basics of painting a picture of a person’s face.

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Dorothea Lange, a Visual Life

For more info, check out: Dorothea Lange was an influential photographer and photojournalist during the Great Depression who captured one of the most iconic…

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ELA1: Nonfiction Unit - Text Features

Here is the lesson from 01/07/22 focused on Text Features.

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Missing May ch4

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Lion Poetry Test


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5 Facts About Photography

For more photo fun facts check out here and here. SchoolTube Originals are here to educate you, make sure to check them out.

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Oil painting part 4

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Oil painting part 3

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April 22 Targetboard


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Who is Andy Goldsworthy

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print to OneNote.mp4

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Reading Test March 26


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MS/HS art (stipple/pointillism)

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Questions and Answer choices


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Elementary art (drawing from photograph)

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MS/HS art (self portrait)

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