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How playing sports benefits your body ... and your brain - Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh

Watch this short video all about the benefits of playing sports, both for your body and your mind. View full lesson:…

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The Baby Yoda Run | Star Wars Brain Break | GoNoodle Inspired

For more info, check out:, duck, jump, and dodge to get Baby Yoda/Grogu home! You have 10 seconds to decide which direction Grogu should go…

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P.E. Star Wars Game: "Star Wars Tag"

For more info, check out: STAR WARS DAY is May 4th! Students will love this Star Wars Tag game! It's fun, easy, and full of great concepts and strategies to teach students of all ages! Try it…

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Kids Athletic Sports Training: Improve Running Form to Increase Speed, Efficiency, Game Performance

For more info, check out: Coach Jon Bohrer of CORE Athletic Training teaches kids the importance of developing proper running form with good technique.…

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Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Two teams go against each other. Always look up where you're going!

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Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

Work with your team to transfer the "toppings" (the marble) to the invisible pizza in the pizza box

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The Couch Potato and the Good Egg Relay

If you drop an item, it's okay there's no consequence, just pick it back up and put it back on and keep going!

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Throwing and Catching Relay Grades 3-5

Perfect for inside or outside. If playing outside, use HULA HOOPS for kids to stand inside, instead of floor/polyspot animals or frogs. As you set up the playing area, each team is in a straight…

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Fresh Start Fitness - Full Speed | Activities For Kids | Exercise | GoNoodle

A high energy workout with Aaron, David, Shawn, and DJ Kevin. This video comes from GoNoodle’s Fresh Start Fitness channel. Fresh Start Fitness helps kids get fit with an awesome (and…

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Would You Rather? New Year Resolutions - Brain Break - PE Warmup - Home Workout - Instant Activity

Would you rather..?? It's time to keep it moving with this BRAIN BREAK. Brain Breaks are short videos that can be used as classroom breaks, transition movement activities, physical education…

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Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Official Lyric Video)

Brenda Lee "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" official lyric video. Subscribe and ring the bell to never miss an update: Watch the…

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Sia - Snowman (Lyrics)

Sia - Snowman (Lyrics) Spotify Playlist: Stream / Download: Sia:…

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Jingle Bell Rock With Lyrics | Christmas Songs and Carols

Jingle Bell Rock with lyrics Christmas song is a favorite and popular Christmas song loved by all! Sing along to Jingle Bell Rock lyrics with our Love to Sing choir. Fill your home with the joy of…

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Christmas The Whole Year Round (With Lyrics) - Sabrina Carpenter

Christmas The Whole Year Round By Sabrina Carpenter With Lyrics Original Audio (No Pitch) Comment Any Song Suggestions Below I Do Not Own This Song…

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Cosmic Kids Yoga- Dinosaurs

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MOVE LIKE THE AVENGERS | Marvel x Les Mills 5-minute Kids Workout

What happens when Marvel’s Super Heroes, The Avengers, combine forces with Les Mills and fitness legends Diana Mills and Bas Hollander? Millions of children get inspired to…

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