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Coptunes+ Episode 3 (Story) - Saint Luke

All About Saint Luke

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DO NOT go to MEDICAL SCHOOL If This is You

DO NOT go to medical school if you identify with these 4 factors. Med school is a long and arduous journey. If you're going to become a doctor because your parents want you to, if you don't…

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Lauren Pyle Speech 1 2022

Hallsville High School

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WHMS Morning News Monday March 28, 2022


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Help Keep Young Athletes Safe

A PSA from the Chicago Bulls/Sox Academy, Midwest Othopaedics at Rush University, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and the STOP Sports Injuries Campaign - with safe sports tips…

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12/8 Class Session

12/8 class session

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Interviewing An Expert

I interviewed an expert on basketball named Destini Rogers

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4/14 Class Session

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Diversity Family Stories - Arsine Henry (Women's History Month)

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March 19, 2021 Morning Announcements

Student Body President & Parliamentarian, Joya & Luca, co-host the Morning Announcements. They welcome the winner of the Third-Grade Spelling Bee, Anji, who shares her thoughts on the…

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Lilly Soto Speech 1

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COVID Student Screening Procedure

School nurse Gretchen Shippee explains the COVID screening procedure for students as they come on campus at ConVal Regional High School this fall.

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MS Trombone/Baritone Sectional May 12

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Chapt 10- Shoulder Injuries - clavicle Fx

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Chapter 11 Elbow Injuries - ulna dislocation

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Lesson 7 p. 159

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