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Math 8 Vertical and Horizontal Lines Class Video

Math 8 Vertical and Horizontal Lines Class Video

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CCMS Reports 10/11

Tongue Twister, Student of the month, interview with Mrs. Clements

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🍗Thanksgiving Rules (Read Aloud books kids) Gratitude & Family | Laurie Friedman

🍄Thanksgiving tips from a pro, Percy explains the "rules" and he gives you the breakdown of how to have the best experience ever. Thanksgiving Rules is a hilarious book about family and…

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Multiplication Trick: Multiples of 10 and Place Value Patterns!

Join us as we develop procedural fluency and conceptual understanding of multiplying numbers that are multiples of 10 using place value patterns and the associative property. For more MashUp Math…

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Seasons of the Apple Tree

Re-telling of The Seasons of the Apple Tree......

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Virtual Learning Schedule

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A City Garden

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Read Aloud - How to Help the Earth by The Lorax

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Paper Scraper

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Comparing Groups of Objects-More, Less, Same

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Marshall Elementary Egg Drop Challenge and Learning Math using Playing Cards

This video is of an egg drop challenge by Ms Woislek, 3rd grade Science teacher at Marshall Elementary School. And also by Mrs. Patch Demonstrates a Simple game helping to enhance your mathSkills…

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Video Recording - Thu Apr 23 2020 21:52:29 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

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Tuesday 4/14 Lesson Kaltura Capture recording - April 13th 2020, 12:54:54 pm

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Holes chapter 7

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