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Stellaluna by: Janell Cannon Read Aloud

Stellaluna is a wonderful story about a small bat who befriends three birds after she is separated from her mother. The birds take her under their wings and raise her to be a bird like them. It…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning news Broadcast

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Stellaluna read by Pamela Reed

For more info, check out: is written and illustrated by Janell Cannon and read by Pamela Reed. When Stellaluna is separated from…

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The Kindness Quilt

This book, "The Kindness Quilt," was written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, and read aloud by Mrs. F. Kindness is so important, and in Minna's class, they are sharing…

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Budget, Teaching SubCommittee, January 27, 2021

A 2nd Quarter Budget report was given by Director of Finances Jim Mullaney. In the Teaching and learning subcommittee they discussed the Gleam Grant. Presentations were also given on a SIP Data…

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Roc & Roe 12 Days

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Story Time: Stellaluna

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Stellaluna .mp4

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The Great Fuzz Frenzy

The Great Fuzz Frenzy

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5 Little Pumpkins

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Borrowing Bunnies: A Surprising True Tale of Fostering Rabbits - Mrs. Brannon

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Tikki Tikki Tembo - Mrs. Ring

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poppy and pip's bedtime.mp4

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Mrs Cockman reads Pip and Posy, The Big Balloon.

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cooper grandma 4.mp4

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Tuesday Week 7 Day 4 and 5

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