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Teachers' car parade lifts students' spirits during mandated closure, 03.23.2020

Grand Prairie Elementary School staff members drove through a nearby neighborhood on Monday, March 23, 2020 honking horns and waving to their students. For their part, student greeted them with…

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Inside the Classroom: Ridge Elementary School, 03.2020

Fifth graders in Greg Bollinger's class practiced 16 vocabulary words with a snowball fight. Students worked in pairs to define and draw a picture of the given word. They mixed up the cards by…

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High School Snapshots, February 2020

Check out some of the things our high school students did in February 2020.

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AS ICR 6G BHM cafe_02252020 (Made by Headliner)

Aux Sable Middle School English Language Arts students and band students honored Black History Month by presenting the Spoken Word Art and Music Cafe. Students read works about important African…

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Inside the Classroom: Wesmere Elementary School, 02.12.2020

Fifth graders create paper mache doughnuts in art class Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Students built their base structure Wednesday and will finish them in the next few weeks.

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Creekside Elementary School Kids Heart Challenge Obstacle Course

As part of the Kids Heart Challenge, Creekside Elementary School students completed an obstacle course during physical education classes while also learning how to maintain a healthy heart and…

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Vidcast episode 10: A discussion about the Wilco Area Career Center

Not every students wants or needs to go directly to college after high school. The Wilco Area Career Center helps students enter the workplace by providing hands-on vocational skills taught by…

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Dry ice experiments, Indian Trail Middle School, 01.09.2020

Sixth grade science teacher Angie Mansfield uses dry ice to show students how sublimation works. Sublimation is when a solid like dry ice changes to a gas without melting.

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Inside the Classroom: Central Elementary School, 12.19.2019

Peek inside the Central Elementary School gymnasium as fourth graders learn how blood circulates through a body by going through a heart obstacle course.

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Videocast: D. 202 Talks with Dr. Lane Abrell, 12.04.2019

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lane Abrell discusses the complicated process of deciding to close school because of bad weather, and related issues including possibly starting late and…

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D. 202 Talks Videocast: Laura Weed, technology in the classroom

Laura Weed, District 202’s first Director of Digital Learning and Innovation discusses the district’s work to increase and improve effective, efficient use of technology in the classroom…

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Ina sings song 10162019.mp4

Ina Brixey, a former kindergarten teacher for District 202, sings a song to students at the new Ina Brixey Center on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

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Inside the Classroom: Ira Jones Middle School, 10.01.2019

Eighth-grade students in Mr. Niwa's art class at Ira Jones Middle School make clay face masks. Once the clay dries they will use their creativity to paint a face onto the clay mask.

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Inside the Classroom: Timber Ridge Middle School

Peek inside Marianne Leahy’s Language Arts seventh grade honors classroom to experience student collaboration dissecting the book “Things Not Seen” by Andrew Clements. The book is…

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Advanced Placement Summer Institute, 2019

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District 202 recognizes United Way of Will County supporters

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