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trees for survival

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Planting Trees

For more info, check out: Trees produce oxygen that allows people to breathe, but a lot of trees are being cut down for all sorts of…

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11-year-old shares passion for nature by planting trees in Fairfield

For more info, check out: A Fairfield elementary student is going above and beyond to protect the environment by planting as many trees as…

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The hours worked each day by enslaved

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Daddy's in the garden

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Story Time: Two Old Potatoes

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Planting peas in the greenhouse

Peas are a great fall and spring crop for DeKalb. October is a little late to be planting them, but with some protection from the frost, they might produce. It never hurts to try!

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Modeling writing a new book

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SchoolTube Account

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Principal's Greeting - Tue Apr 21 2020 09:18:16 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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Trip to my backyard!

Check out what I did during spring break in my backyard!

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Steff reads Tops and Bottoms

Do you think it's fair what Hare did to Bear? Why?

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Planting new flowers for our garden

12+ student working on our garden, she planted marigold, snapdragons, forget-me-nots, and poppies.

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Quincy Planting Program PSA

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BMS Garden Day 083013

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Planting at Robinsons Bay

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