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How to Share and Embed SchoolTube Playlists

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Playlist Fail 01

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Create SchoolTube Channel Playlist from Existing Channel Videos

Learn how to create a channel playlist from videos already published to a channel.

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Using SchoolTube within School Passport Demo

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Safer Video Sharing for the K12 Classroom

Learn a variety and tips and techniques for safer video sharing using SchoolTube.

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Create External Playlist

External playlists are stand-alone playlists that are not part of your personal channels. They allow your personally uploaded videos and any public videos on SchoolTube to be added to a playlist.

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SchoolTube Intro and Training for Lex-Rich District 5

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How to Create a Student Video Collection Channel

Learn how to create a channel in which your students can publish their video assignments.

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Digital Learning Library Intro - Please Subscribe!

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Comprehensive SchoolTube Training

Learn how to use SchoolTube from the basics to advanced features.

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How to export and share your Powtoon

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How students can use SchoolTube's Powtoon

SchoolTube's Powtoon is a fun tool for students and teachers alike to spice up any presentation. Try it today!

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Grade 2 adiós

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Science Project Video

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How to Create a Channel Playlist

Learn how to organize and share videos within a channel as a playlist.

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Working Collaboratively in SchoolTube: How do I School Tube? Ep. 6

How to add users to a channel so that a team of teachers keeps the videos for one group of students (or any group of users) organized in one place

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