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I made a Working TV in Minecraft

Watch as Mumbo uses Redstone and a mod called Immersive Portals to create a working TV in Minecraft. Can you recreate this idea in your Minecraft world?

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Week of June 8 - Lesson 3

Watch this video for guidelines on drafting and publishing your Letter to Future Self.

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Reading Resources Summer

T. Jill RTeviews some ways to read online over the summer.

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SC Word Search Challenge

Find the PlayDay terms.

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Virtual At Home Challenges 6-8

Watch the video, try some challenges, create your own challenge, and look out for the Play Day menu on Friday!

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Yoga Tales (Cobra and Cat)

Here are 2 stories from the Yoga Tales Book.

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Mid-Week Encouragement #1 Hey Facts Family!!! Keep a look out for words of Hope and Encouragement from your Directors of School Culture. Stay Safe, Stay Home, & Say Encouraged

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Grades K-2 - Lesson #2

Hello K-2 friends! In this video, we sing "Hello Everybody", have a Rhythm Challenge, learn about Pitch and High/Low sounds, and sing "Do-Re-Mi" together :)

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How to Submit Assignments on Plus Portals

A video tutorial about how to submit assignments on Plus Portals.

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Telling Time Lesson 4 (Telling Time to 5 minute increments)

Complete Telling Time Worksheet 4 when you are done watching this video.

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Error: 500 Message: How do I School Tube? Ep. 4

The trick to avoiding the error 500 message when you share a playlist is to make the playlist inside a channel instead of as an independent channel.

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News you can use!

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Embedding in Plus Portals: How do I School Tube? Ep. 3

You've made the video, now let's show it to some students!

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Grades 6-8 - Lesson #1

This video is for FACTS students in Grades 6-8. It updates students on how music class will be different for the rest of the year. It also introduces Project #1: Create Your Own Music Festival!…

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How to Use Plus Portals CLASSES

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How to do your ELA Work in Plus Portals

An explanation of how to find and complete your Reading and Writing work in Plus Portals.

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