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Material World: Crash Course Kids #40.1

In this video, students will learn if and how scientists can make new materials and improve existing materials. This playlist of 16 videos from Crash Course Kids is all about physical science and the…

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The Nervous System - CrashCourse Biology #26

In this episode, students will learn about organ systems, specifically the nervous system. Join Hank Green from Crash Course and Vlogbrothers to learn all about Biology. These 40 videos will cover…

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Screencast 4.5 percent composition

Percent composition

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What to Review from Chemistry 1 for Chemistry 2: Part 1

Are you taking Chem 2 this semester? If so, this video will help you navigate what you will need to know and review from Chem 1. Chemistry Foundations: Significant Figure Rules:…

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Dylan Science Play

Dylans Science Video

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4.4 Polyatomic Ions

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4.2 Writing Ionic Compounds Pt 2

Writing Ionic Formulas (part 2) writing elements with charges criss - cross method

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Clip of M7.2 Pitchblende

Band of stability

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Story Time: Exploring the Elements

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Screencast 4.12 rev (1) Predicting Products of Double Replacement Reactions

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Balancing Chemical Reactions 2020 part 1

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Reaction Types 2020

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Making a craft owl

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Yellow precipitation Reaction demo

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Chemistry Lab - Part 2 Chemical Bonding

Here is Part 2 of the Lab "Chemical Bonding".

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Chemistry Lab - Part 1 Chemical Bonding Lab

There are two parts for this lab as I bumped the stop button.

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