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trees for survival

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Teapot Exhibit at Ladue High School's Art Gallery

Junior Jack Reeves produced this fantastic interview with the Ladue Ceramic’s teacher, Jonathan Robbins. Mr. Robbins spoke about a unique Ladue Art Gallery teapot project, which invited schools…

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Chapter 10 - Dribble! (part 1) with Ms. Harkess

Readin for December 1, chapter 10 "Dribble!" part 1 (pages 108 - 114) with Ms. Harkess, Miss Wetzel's counseling intern!

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Diversity Family Stories - Korea

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DBT conservation issues, solutions, ambassadors

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Clay (how to put features on pots, and assignment instructions)

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Planting peas in the greenhouse

Peas are a great fall and spring crop for DeKalb. October is a little late to be planting them, but with some protection from the frost, they might produce. It never hurts to try!

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Combined Pinch Pot Sculpture Video Presentation

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combined pinch pot demo

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pinch pot making day 2

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MVTV 02 July 2020

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Medieval Peasant Cottage

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Highschool Spanish Honors Awards.mp4

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Highschool Spanish Honors Awards.mp4

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subtraction from 10

Subtraction from 10

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