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Chapter 3 Suffixes

Here are your assignments for this week (September 13-17)

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Chapter 2 Prefixes

Here are your assignments for this week (September 6-10)

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Chapter 1 Word Building Rules

Here are your assignments for this week (August 23-27).

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IT7 MLA Citations for Famous Mathematicians PPT

This video reviews the steps to create MLA7 Citations for the web sources and digital images used in your Famous Mathematician slideshow.

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In this video I show you how to open a Power Point presentation and start a presentation so that you can create your own story. (Similar to the class story we created together in class in our…

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Getting Back to School Online CHJH 2020-2021 English

Helpful information on getting back to school in 2020-2021 online. Brought to you by Mr. Finkbiner and our Renaissance class. (English Version)

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