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5.25.22 Announcments

5.25.22 Announcments

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Key Aspects of the American Revolution, USH4

GA DOE video dictionary for US History

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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference Session: Founding Civics: Teaching Big Ideas in the Constitution

Understanding the Constitution is essential to civic life, yet students often find this Charter difficult to read and comprehend. This session will introduce students to the Constitution by…

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Chapter 4 Lesson 3

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3.13 Comparing US and Florida Constitutions

The U.S. Constitution gives some powers to the states. Each state has their own constitution to guide the structure and powers of the state. Visit for more.

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2017 02 17 Tiger TV

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Mrs. Smith's Class - Preamble

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Nate And Brandon's Preamble Show!

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red bird news 9\19\16

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Preamble of the Constitution

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Constitution Day

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preamble P4

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Preamble Keynote

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Preamble to Constitution

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jacob and ryan preamble

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