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World's Luckiest People!

Everything in this video has a 0.000001% chance of happening to you! CHECK OUT THESE CHANNELS OR ELSE MotoGP Thund3rbolt…

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Precision Machining and Robotics

Precision Machining and Robotics

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The First Day Of Fall

It's officially fall and today we're explaining the science behind the autumnal equinox. We're also traveling to Australia to learn about a scientist using a network of sound…

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Unit Conversion & Significant Figures: Crash Course Chemistry #2

This playlist consists of 47 videos all about Chemistry. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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LEGO Bricks In The Making

Here's our fantastic short documentary showing you exactly how our iconic LEGO bricks are made. Be prepared for all your questions to be be answered!

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Movie Review

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4th Grade Math Area Model Division

Learn how to use area models to divide larger numbers in chunks and see how it compares to long division. An extended example is provided in the video. Find all my videos and even more math…

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Clip of M5.2 Gunpowder

%yield %error accuracy precision

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ROTC video for web

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2/1 Class Session

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1/28 Class Session

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Precision, Accuracy and Rounding

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Making It Through the Strife

Alex Malanoski sharing his poem "Making it Through the Strife"

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How to create drawings & units command

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Marble run 10 second challenge

This engineering challenge took several sessions to achieve.

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Final Cut Pro X Tutorial - Editing Tools 2B

We now move on to covering Final Cut Pro X’s tools and different types of edits.

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