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RMSTV Live 10.17.22

RMSTV Live 10.17.22

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Student Trauma Rates are Higher Than Ever. How Play Therapy Can Help

The ideas presented in this video could change the lives of so many children. Watch and learn about the positive impact play has on children, especially those that have experienced trauma. The…

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Discussing Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Month Video

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Bryce Wettstein - Natural High Storyteller - Pro Skateboarder & Singer/Songwriter

For discussion questions and activity pairing, go to Bryce's Storyteller page here:

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Natural High - Dead On Arrival - Youth Version Fentanyl Film (6-Minutes)

Visit to get the Free Natural High Fentanyl Toolkit for parents and educators to use with kids. There’s no question that education is a key part of helping…

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Quincy Public Schools Parent Academy - Vaping Prevention and Intervention

This Parent Academy was about the issues of vaping and what parents can do to intervene and help to prevent vaping among teens.

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"Dead On Arrival"  – Original, Full-Length Documentary Film (21-minutes)

"Dead On Arrival" is a powerful documentary film on the dangers of fentanyl. This is the original, full-length documentary film by Dominic Tierno and Christine Wood. If you'd like to…

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Natural High Fentanyl Short Documentary "Dead On Arrival" - Youth Version (6-minutes) PSA

"Dead On Arrival" is a powerful documentary film on the dangers of fentanyl. The documentary film is short, clear, and compelling. It also has some dramatic images and mature concepts,…

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Ashlyn Maroney Speech 3 2022

Hallsville HIgh School

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Help Keep Young Athletes Safe

A PSA from the Chicago Bulls/Sox Academy, Midwest Othopaedics at Rush University, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and the STOP Sports Injuries Campaign - with safe sports tips…

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Ann Duckless, Director of Suicide Prevention from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-NH), presents a pre-recorded webinar on suicide prevention. Fern Seiden, Director of Student Wellness…

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MEC Video_Monroe-Rice


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JFD_TV 10-29-21

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Targetboard Part 1 Monday


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Targetboard Part

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Targetboard Part 1 Monday


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