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August's Mystery Case Report

Students acted as detectives and wrote an official case report after they solved the mystery from their chosen mystery book.

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Pause & Practice 1-4

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The Scarlet Letter | 10 Things You Didn't Know | Nathaniel Hawthorne

This playlist consists of 33 video study guides for each chapter, an examination of the themes, characters, symbols, and more of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. These videos are a…

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Media Institution: Crash Course Government and Politics #44

This playlist consists of 50 videos all about U.S. Government. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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A STEAM challenge about a "duck on water transport machine" ..... it is a long story !!!! because the duck hunting dog is sick !!!!!! This is where we arte up to so far - more later !

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Anthony & Johnny Review Food - WSCN PTV 4, Semester 2

Which sandwich is better?

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Camy's Gift Wrapping Tutorial - (WSCN PTV 4, Semester 1)

CamyStewy shows the others how to wrap the presents properly!

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13-year-old builds a printer for the blind with Lego blocks

A simple question -- how do blind people read? -- inspired a middle-schooler’s transformation into a tech entrepreneur. Using Lego blocks, 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee created a low-cost…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Final CSMB Staff Welcome 2021 .mp4

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Beanstack & Destiny summer reading information

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3 Lessons I Learned

In multimedia sports our ending project was to make a video about what you learned. I had a hard time choosing between all of the options, but I narrowed it down into a 60 second video. I hope you…

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apcs arraylist used car lot

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print to OneNote.mp4

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apcs arrays day2

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aps more references

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