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Lauren Pyle Final Speech 2022

Hallsville High School

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What is it like being an Apprentice Bricklayer?

Apprentice Bricklayers talk about their experiences working on site for Buildroute Limited at a United Living development for Home Group. Under the direction of an assigned supervisor, the Skilled…

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AP Lit Help Video #6: Identifying the Plot Structure in a Piece of Short Fiction

In this video, you'll learn to identify the ploy structure of a short piece of fiction and discuss the function of that structure. The information in this video is adapted from the Daily…

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Girl's Cross Country News Package

In this news package, I dive into the story of a father-daughter duo on the Ladue Girl's Cross Country Team. Matt Strayhorn, head coach, gets to play a dual role to his daughter, Sami Strayhorn:…

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Learning to Drive - Progression towards adulthood

I got my driver's license recently, and it's making me feel more mature.

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Katia Interviews Jack (Her Younger Brother) - PTV 2

Katia makes a personal profile about her younger brother, Jack.

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WriteScore Overview

This video explains the different components of WriteScore and breakdown the domains and categories scorers use to evaluate students' essays.

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Poetry Analysis Practice #3

This is the third installment of our poem analysis practice for the AP Essay portion of the exam.

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core message

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Stay Engage with the Specialists 6/1-6/5

Stay Engage with the Specialists for 6/1-6/5

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Salk Band Video May 21st

Weekly band announcements and birthday wishes for the lesson week beginning May 21st.

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Unit 13 Day 6b

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Elementary Band April 28

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QSI AIS Friday, April 16 Announcements

QSI AIS Friday, April 16 Announcements distance learning reminders distance learning updates challenge: t-shirts!

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Elementary Band April 14

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