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Hilarious Teacher Technology in the Classroom

Watch this satirical look at the latest in teacher technology in the classroom. For over 140 additional teacher videos check out my channel and hit that sub button. My podcast is called Crying in…

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BCPS Port Replicator Overview 2018

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Chapel 11/17/20

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Cleaning a projector

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DIY Projector - Reiserton

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How To Clean Your Projector

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Changing Monitor Settings

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How to Connect Apple TV to an LCD Projector

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Eco Mode on a video projector

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Connecting an LCD Projector

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Projector Cleaning

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How-To Clean Your Projector Filter

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Cleaning Your Promethean Projector Filters

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Connecting your Mac to your TV and more

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Connect a Projector to a Computer

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Educational iPod touch apps for Students and Teachers

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