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The Canterbury Tales | The Summoner's Prologue and Tale Summary & Analysis | Geoffrey Chaucer

This video study guide playlist contains 34 videos that include a summary and analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer’s epic poem, The Canterbury Tales. Each video breaks down a digestible piece of the…

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The Story of the Bible

This video summarizes the overall story of the Bible as a series of crossroad decisions. All humanity, followed by the Israelites, redefine good and evil and end up in Babylon. They are followed by…

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10/25 Class Session

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5.25.2021 Tuesday RMSTV

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RMSTV Tuesday 5.18.2021

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RMSTV Tuesday 5.11.2021

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2/10 Class Session

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Carissa Bullock Speech 3

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Pastor Steven’s Bible Study

This is Pastor Steven’s online Bible study for 10/20. We looked at the character and nature of God

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Introduction to Revelation Class

In this short video, Mr. Brondyke provides a brief introduction to the 2020-2021 school year and, specifically, to our study in the book of Revelation.

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5th grade 2020

Bryan Hill 5th Grade Graduation Slideshow

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Monday, May 18 Devotion

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Grace For President

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Hermeneutics - Covenants and Law.ppt

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Weekly Update 5.11.20

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