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Elementary Announcements 2.7.22

Morning News

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PRS Enrollment

How to enroll in the Password Reset Service (PRS)

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PRS enrollment (Q1 2021)

How to enroll in the Q1 2021 PRS system

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"To Process Raw Wool"

The lyrics of the song:(“If you’re happy and you know it”)To process raw wool, I _____ it (x3)To process raw wool, from the sheep and not the bullTo process raw wool, I _____ it.

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Reflection Project

Watch this video to learn more about your final semester assignment.

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Thesis Statement

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Wednesday Activity Time - Big Green Monster, Letter "T" Hunt and Monster Roll & Cover

Today we're practicing writing our names, working in our fine motor journals (hills and circles), hunting for the letter T, making our own "Big Green Monster" and playing a monster…

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BTSN: Apps on Clever

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06.08 Daily Message

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David Marson introduction

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Mini Writing Topic_When I Grow Up_5/14/20

In this lesson we will practice writing on the topic what I want to be when I grow up.

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9th Grade Lecture (4/27)

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9th Grade Lecture (Monday 4/20)

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Kaltura Capture recording - April 7th 2020, 1:49:59 pm

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bag of homework

Just a quick video of me explaining what is in the homework bag.

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