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S2_M1_3 Intro to SAML

This video provides an overview of the SAML standard and how it works within federated authentication.

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S2_M1_1 How Federated Authentication Works

This video describes how federated authentication works.

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S1_M3_8 Problem Resolution

This video shows how to use the data browsing features of School Passport's Connect component to resolve data integration issues.

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S1_M3_7 Browsing History

This video shows the learner how to access different views of imported and exported data within the GG4L Connect component of School Passport

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S1_M3_5 Attaching Files (Demo)

This video shows how to attach files to a change request transaction is School Passport Connect

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Shadow Creation Service is very important to reveal the natural beauty of an image when a product is required to appear online. It presents the product with a sensible and a very realistic look.

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Top Rated Color Correction Service Provider in India

Color Correction service is the process of changing the color of an image. Sometimes we need to change color or create variation with different color for the same object. Our company offers this…

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Professional Ghost Mannequin Service Provider in India

Ghost Mannequin Effect is an art which allow to remove the mannequin and background to give a hollow look. It helps to display only images of your garments without the dummy or the model.

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Image Masking Service Provider

Sometime we need to edit complex images which can not be edited by Clipping Path Service. Here comes Image Masking Service. Our company ensures that every image get edited perfectly with 100%…

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Professional Clipping Path Service Provider

The Photo Editing is a top rated Clipping Path Service Provider in India. By being for more than 10 years in the industry, The Photo Editing has earned its name. We have a team of 180+ experts who…

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SJHS News 3.24.21

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Safer Video Sharing for the K12 Classroom

Learn a variety and tips and techniques for safer video sharing using SchoolTube.

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small group 1 8-25

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Connor Pollock Speech 1

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Automotive Technology

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