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Animal Farm | 10 Things You Didn't Know | George Orwell

In this playlist of 19 videos, George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is summarized and analyzed chapter by chapter with additional discussions at the end. Over the course of these short videos…

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How to Upload Videos to SchoolTube 12-15-21

Learn how to upload videos to SchoolTube

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Student Publish to Video Collection Channel

Learn how students can publish videos to a channel created by their teachers to collect videos from their students.

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Video Scheduling Tutorial

Learn how to set open and end dates for video viewing on SchoolTube.

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Read Aloud : Caillou : The Jungle Explorer book - by Sarah Margaret Johanson and Eric Sevigny

Caillou: The Jungle Explorer book Adapted by Sarah Margaret Johanson , Illustrated by Eric Sevigny Caillou’s friend Sarah has a ­magnifying glass. She shows Caillou how it makes…

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Wochit Publishing and Re-Editing Process

Learn how to publish videos from Wochit into SchoolTube and re-open and edit videos in Wochit.

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SchoolTube Channels - public student video portfolio

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Create an a student account using Clever to sign into

Mr. Goble demonstrate how to create your free student SchoolTube account using our school Clever sign-in option.

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Dot Day Kindergarten 2020

We read the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds and made our mark. music by Dyalla

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Mon 6.8 Phonics Lesson (OW)

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Mon 6.1 Phonics Lesson (ou vowel team)

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The Road Trip

This is a story of a couple driving on a road trip to hike and camp in the woods. All of the footage is free stock footage from and the music is royalty-free from FIFTY VINC - HIP HOP…

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Using YouTube: How do I School Tube? Ep. 5

You found an awesome video on YouTube and you want to use it? Here's how you do it. You will need to send the video url to T. Vince so he can whitelist it for our Chromebooks. No biggie, but it…

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forte piano

Teaches about Loud and Soft. In music these are called Forte and Piano

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Time for Kids Comic Craze

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Publishing to the Public or Private School Channel

Learn how to upload videos to your account, then select either the public or private school channel for publishing, or one of your own personal channels.

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