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Wake up 052022 fix

Wake up 052022 fix

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KCHS Powderpuff Video 2021

Kent City High School - Powder Puff Video 2021

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Story Time: Down By The Station

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Activity Time: Tuesday, March 30 - Coconut Tree with Letters

Today we're practicing writing the #5 in our number books. We're also making our Chicka-Chicka coconut tree with letters. You'll need all the parts we sent home and some glue. Have…

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Activity Time: Thursday, March 4 - Decorate Cupcake & 100 Sprinkles

Let's practice #1 and #2 by tracing with crayons on our "rainbow" number pages. We're counting by 10's by adding "sprinkles" to our cupcakes. Use marker to make…

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Thursday Activity Time - Adding Yarn & Pom Poms to your hat, Mitten/Animal Card Activity

We're finishing our hat activity by cutting it out and gluing yarn and a puff ball to the top of the hat. You'll need your real mitten we sent home to practice putting the mitten on and…

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Little Engine That Could and the Snowy, Blowy Christmas - Mrs. Brannon

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Ms.Frania reading the three little pigs :)

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Story Time: Otis and the Scarecrow

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Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

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Activity: My name starts with....

For this activity, please use your "My name starts with..." page, along with the baggy of colorful craft items to decorate the first letter in your name!

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Ruben's Folktale

The Three Little Astronauts and the Big Bad Space Monster

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Balloon Countdown Day 8 (read aloud)

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Pig the Pug

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Cheese Straws

I've just cooked some delicious cheese straws. They are easy to make.

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