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One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

Learn how to romance a girl with one semester of spanish put to a catchy song. Download this and other runawaybox mp3s for free at

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Telling time in Spanish - Practice 1 (Basic)

Buy the Telling Time Packet here: SUBSCRIBE for more Spanish videos: Follow me on…

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Learn Numbers in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS - 60 Second Spanish - Counting 21 to 30

Check out for lessons, lyrics and other musical Spanish learning tools. Learn how to count in Spanish from 1 to 100 using music in this quick 60 second Spanish…

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17th Spanish PreRecorded Lesson

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7th PreRecorded Spanish Class

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05/21/20 mini Lección de matemáticas con Ms. Sorto

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5.1.2020 problema del día

En el problema del día de hoy veremos una resta con un sustraendo desconocido.

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Number for 4K-kindergarten

Numbers 1-20, and then 10-100 by 10's

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04/22/20 Problema del dia con Ms. Sorto

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Aprendiendo y escribiendo sobre los insectos!

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4/20 Amigos del 10

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4/20 Figuras de Dos Dimensiones

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4/14/20 Estrategia: Dobles más 1

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