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Getting Sick in Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates how to contain vomit in space. Professional aircraft flying, maintenance and building jobs will always have excellent career opportunities for industrious…

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Motivating!! Remember The Titans Scene: Leave No Doubt

Although one of my favorite forms of entertainment, movies do more than just entertain. Movies inform and educate us. Movies inspire and motivate us. Movies can even cause us to reflect on our own…

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Clip of Cathy's Home Farm tour: Welcome & Egg Collection

Tour the Gleason Super Chicks Farm

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Volume of a sphere

V of sphere

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Dividing decimals


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Go Math Lesson 10.7

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Advisory Welcome Video-Mr Owen's Class

Mr. Owen introduces his students to his advisory classroom and gives them their first directions.

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Handprint animals

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Friday Y art

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The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear

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multiplication walk through

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sh digraph packet and Tiny Seed directions.mp4

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MOD 11.5

1st Grade

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Mr. Lamarre's Extra Help: iPhone Calculators and Square Roots

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Adding Tens to Any Two-Digit Number, Part 2

This lesson builds on Part 1 by showing you how to draw your tens and ones, add tens in your head, and apply your learning to solve number story problems. If you are still having difficulty with…

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