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Quincy School Subcommittee November 30, 2022

This sub committee bring in the following principals Robin Moreira/Atherton Hough Elementary School Peter Dionne/Bernazzani Elementary School Scott Perfetuo/Snug Harbor Community School Marisa…

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Quincy School Subcommittee November 29, 2022

The Board speaks with the following principals: Janet Loftus of Lincoln Hancock Community School Jim Hennessy of Wollaston Elementary School Susan Shea Connor, Merrymount Elementary School …

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Quincy School Subcommittee November 28, 2022

The committee hears from the following guest speakers: Christine Barrett, Principal of Point Webster Middle School Nick Ahearn, Principal of Clifford Marshall Elementary School Steve Sylvia,…

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Quincy School Committee November 16, 2022

Quincy School Committee Meeting This event was recorded on November 16, 2022

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Quincy School Subcommittee November 14, 2022

Quincy School Subcommittee: Teaching & Learning/Middle School SIPs This event was recorded on November 14, 2022

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Quincy School Subcommittee November 9, 2022

This edition of the Quincy School Committee Includes 2 subcommittee meetings regarding Teaching & Learning / Policy. Meeting recorded- November 9, 2022

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Quincy School Committee Proceeded by The Budget & Finance and Policy Subcommittee Meetings October 26 2022

The board discusses issues ranging from Policy and Finances to topics concerning in class learning for students who require service animals to be present. A handful of teachers advocating for new…

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Quincy School Committee October 12, 2022

The School Committee reviews MCAS and testing statistics for QPS compared to state averages with guest speakers Ms. Perkins and Ms. Roy

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Quincy School Committee September 28, 2022

The school nurse has a word with the board and details statistics on 'nurse effectiveness'. This led to talks about students who report self harm and depression and how to better serve…

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Quincy School Subcommittee September 22, 2022

The Subcommittee holds a meeting to talk about pressing issues in the classrooms concerning phone use and and how to handle the possible punishment for repeat offenders

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Quincy School Committee September 14, 2022

The Committee talks with Dave Murphy, Department of Natural Resources. The Public Buildings Department also provides updates. Jacqui Niosi gets inducted into the MA Volleyball Hall of Fame after…

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Quincy School Committee September 7, 2022

Meeting includes a presentation from James Hardy of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees

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Lincoln Hancock Elementary Spring Concert 2022

Lincoln Hancock 1st - 4th grade chorus and 4th grade band perform their Spring Concert with music and dance we are sure you will love.

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Snug Harbor Spring Concert 2022

Snug Harbor Elementary Band and Chorus perform music you will enjoy.

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Quincy School committee June 15, 2022

The Quincy School Committee approves the FY 2023 budget and also recognizes the North Quincy High WGBH Quiz Show Champions. There also a presentation of a year in review which highlighted all the…

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QHS Graduation 2022

Watch Quincy High School's Class of 2022 graduation in its entirety, congratulations to the QHS class of 2022.

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