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Quincy School Subcommittee November 14, 2022

Quincy School Subcommittee: Teaching & Learning/Middle School SIPs This event was recorded on November 14, 2022

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Quincy School Subcommittee November 9, 2022

This edition of the Quincy School Committee Includes 2 subcommittee meetings regarding Teaching & Learning / Policy. Meeting recorded- November 9, 2022

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Quincy School Committee September 28, 2022

The school nurse has a word with the board and details statistics on 'nurse effectiveness'. This led to talks about students who report self harm and depression and how to better serve…

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Quincy School Subcommittee September 22, 2022

The Subcommittee holds a meeting to talk about pressing issues in the classrooms concerning phone use and and how to handle the possible punishment for repeat offenders

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Quincy School committee June 15, 2022

The Quincy School Committee approves the FY 2023 budget and also recognizes the North Quincy High WGBH Quiz Show Champions. There also a presentation of a year in review which highlighted all the…

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Quincy Public Schools Parent Academy - The Impact of Social Media and How it Creates Bias

The impact of social media and how it creates bias among teens was discussed and also what steps can be taken to deal with it.

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Quincy Public Schools Parent Academy - College High School Pathways information Session

This Parent Academy further explains the Early College High School Pathways program between Quincy Public Schools and Quincy College.

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Quincy Public Schools Parent Academy - College High School Pathways & Dual Enrollment

This Parent Academy explains the Early College High School Pathways and about the partnership and benefits Quincy Public Schools has with Quincy College because of it.

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Quincy Public Schools Parent Academy - Anxiety and School Refusal

This Parent Academy explains tp parents about anxiety and school refusal and how it affects Middle and High School students.

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Pops Concert 2022 in Honor of Rich Kenneally

The Quincy Public Schools Pops Concert 2022 is dedicated to Former High School Band Director Rich Kenneally. Listen to the sounds of The Quincy/North Quincy Concert Band, The High School Percussion…

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May 25 , 2022 - Subcommittee Meeting

The Budget and Finance subcommittee met to discuss the FY 2023 School Budget. The Securities, Facilities, and Transportation met to discuss what security measures are in place to keep the students…

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QPS Special Education Track and Field Olympics 2022

Quincy Public Schools Special Education Students at all levels participated in a track and field event at Quincy's Pageant Field with many different types of fun athletic games. Students ran the…

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Quincy Public Schools Mentor End of the Year Celebration 2022

Quincy's first year teachers are mentored all year by veteran teachers. This was their final meeting of the year where they both celebrated the year long mentorship.

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Quincy School Committee May 4, 2022

This meeting was held at the Old City Hall Council Chambers. National Honor Society students from both Quincy High and North Quincy High were recognized for their academic achievements. A…

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Atlantic Middle STEM Fair 2022

Eighth Grade students at Quincy's Atlantic Middle School presented their STEM projects to judges and parents.

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Quincy School Committee March 9, 2022

This School Committee meeting is the first meeting in almost two years that the public was allowed to attend the meetings since Covid started. A presentation was given about the Illustrative Math…

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