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Indiana girl turns "runt" into championship winning horse

On a farm in Connersville, Indiana, a horse once considered the "runt" of the breeding stock was raised -- with the help of a little girl -- to become a champion.Steve Hartman has more.

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How a Poor Japanese Boy Created Honda

In 1922, a 15-year-old boy shows up for his first day at work at a small auto repair shop in Tokyo Japan. The owner, who questioned if the boy was even meant for this type of business, assigned him…

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SEABISCUIT - Documentary

Seabiscuit (May 23, 1933 -- May 17, 1947) was a champion Thoroughbred racehorse in the United States. A small horse, Seabiscuit had an inauspicious start to his racing career, but became an unlikely…

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interview an Expert

Interviewing an expert

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Water Cycle Song

The Water Cycle Song by Have Fun Teaching is a Water Cycle Video that introduces the Water Cycle, including Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation. Free Teaching Resources:…

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SLC 2021 - Sharing the Planet - Life under water

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Old MacDonald with Ms. Brianna from Liberal EHS ECCA

Parents, please enjoy this video with your child. Take some time to sing the song together as a family, and send us a short video clip of you and your child singing together as part of your…

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Reading Workshop Monday

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Bikes (Mighty Machines) - Mrs. Brannon

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May 13 Announcements

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Monday 5/11

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Lincoln Hancock partial Quotions lesson grade 4

Grade 4 math students learn about partial quotions at lincoln Hancock.

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New Shoes, Red Shoes by Susan Rollings

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Water Cycle Song

Download the Water Cycle Song Video - CLICK HERE: The Water Cycle Song by Have Fun Teaching is a Water Cycle Video…

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The Effort To Limit The Damage | March 24, 2020

After you finish watching. Email Ms. Courtney the answer to the 10 second trivia!

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