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Read Aloud Potato Pants

Alamance Elementary Principal reading Potato Pants aloud for students to enjoy.

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News Package

This was my second project in Broadcast Technology II. The guidelines of the project were simple, choose one person to interview and ask them questions of your choosing. It was really a cool project…

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4.8.21 Announcements

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Greece - Diversity Family Stories (Sobel Family)

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Science: Growing Potatoes

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Tuesday Story Time - Potato Pants!

This a super funny story about a potato wanting to buy some pants. In your writing notebook, glue the pants paper on your next blank page in your notebook and color a pattern on your pants.

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Greece - Diversity Family Stories (Sobel Family)

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Rectangle song

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Math The Double Decker Bus Video

Bridges U1M2S4

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Movie on 9-15-20 at 11.49 AM

rekenrek train

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Using the number rack to count by 1s and 10s

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cupcakes fin

Room 32

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Bald Bandit - Intro thru Chapter 2 - Mrs. Brannon

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K Potato Pants

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Chapter 11 Read Aloud - May 29th 2020, 6:25:23 am

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