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Pops Concert 2022 in Honor of Rich Kenneally

The Quincy Public Schools Pops Concert 2022 is dedicated to Former High School Band Director Rich Kenneally. Listen to the sounds of The Quincy/North Quincy Concert Band, The High School Percussion…

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RMSTV Live 5.19.22

RMSTV Live 5.19.22

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WHMS Morning News Tues December 7, 2021


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WHMS Morning News Nov 30, 2021

the news

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Guys and Dolls - Promo Final

Charlie Forster gathered footage from the Aspen High school musical and edited a promo video for them.

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Band Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Ladue High School's Band Department presents their safety procedures during COVID.

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Math 3/17

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Sitting Sports

"Sitting Sports" a new series where we give you in depth interviews covering all sports at Prestonwood Christian Academy. In this episode we interview, Senior Summer Sexton, Junior Ava…

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6th Grade Orchestra Open House - Google Slides

This is a brief overview of the 6th grade orchestra.

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5th Grade Lesson #11

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5th GR Bass EE Pg 24-25 Week 8

5th GR Bass EE Pg 24-25 Week 8

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Elementary Band May 14

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7th & 8th Choir May 6 Soprano ONLY

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MS Band & Sectional April 30

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Elementary Band & Sectional April 30

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MS Band April 21

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