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Morning Announcements April 29

Hereford High School

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11-11-School News

WCMS News 11/11

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"Stealing Home" Book Trailer

Meet Claire E., Emma K., and Noam R. loved reading Stealing Home by Ellen Schwartz. Please watch their book trailer. You are sure to like it too!

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Missing May ch5

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Henry Haber

Interview of George Sepp

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Diversity Family Stories - Diwali

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Friday Morning ELA Jasmine

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The Relatives Came

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The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant

*For public school educational use

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Our Class is a Family

Our Class is a Family

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2020 FACTS Honor Our Elders Day - Principal's Message

"Our families and elders know important things and we take time to learn from them."

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The Relatives Came

Do you have family that lives far away? Have you ever been on a road trip?

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Covid PSA

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Worship for April 14/Call Me Talkative, But Please Don't Call Me Polly!

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Monday Bible

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