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Christa McAuliffe's Lost Lessons - Newton's Laws

Challenger Center, in partnership with NASA and STEM on Station, worked together to complete several of the lessons Christa McAuliffe had planned for the Challenger STS 51L, Teacher in Space mission.…

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How Jackie Robinson Saved the World

Mrs. Grennan's Upper Montessori students perform the Readers Theater Play, how Jackie Robinson Saved the World.

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11.12.21 Announcements


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My Year Ch. 35-37.mp4

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My Year in the Middle, Ch. 21-24.mp4

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Jackie Robinson - BrainPOP Jr.

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Benchmark-Paired Passages

Benchmark 2 Passages

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Writing Lesson 2

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may 31 b

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Ricky The Rock That Couldn't Roll by Jay Miletsky Illustrated by Erin Wozniak

Watch this read aloud of this fun book as I demonstrate how to place post-its on important pages to remember emotions!

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This is the 6th grade May11 Music Lesson LA BAMBA. Please make sure to have your homemade percussion ready when you do this lesson. Enjoy! Ms Osborne [email protected]

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9th grade 4/27Video Recording - Mon Apr 27 2020 08:36:32 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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Wed. 4/1 Color Words, Shapes, Observation of Seeds

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WordCast 2015: Ricky C. (S1)

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