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Fahrenheit 451 | Part 1 (Montag at the Firehouse) | Summary and Analysis | Ray Bradbury

This playlist provides 23 video study guides for Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451 that offer detailed chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of the plot, symbols, characters, themes, and…

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A Pro Dancer's Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Showtime with Beyoncé | Work It | Allure

Ever wonder what it would be like to work with Beyoncé? This professional dancer, Ashley Everett, takes you along with her to see her daily routine. Professional dancer Ashley Everett has…

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A Rockette's Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Showtime | Allure

Check out what a Rockette's daily life looks like during her busy holiday season. Radio City Rockette Mindy Moeller shares her entire daily routine as she prepares for the Christmas…

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September 6, 2022 Announcements

Daily Announcements

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Our Morning Routine (w/Dasani and Cami) - WSCN PTV 3, Semester 2

Cami and Dasani show you how they get ready for school

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Please Please the Bees read by Rashida Jones

For more info, check out: Please Please the Bees is written and illustrated by Gerald Kelley and read by Rashida Jones. …

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January 10th Monday Mindful Moment

Mindful moment bringing in a new year!

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Carter Chuquimia 60 second morning routine

Carter has to get up and get ready all in 60 seconds. It is filmed at his house and is all one shot.

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How I Met My Monster read by Nancy Cartwright

One night, when Ethan reaches under his bed for a toy truck, he finds this note instead: “Monsters! Meet here for final test.” Ethan is sure his parents are trying to trick him into…

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SchoolTube's 5 Back-to-School Tips

SchoolTube's 5 Back-to-School Tips: 1. Look over your syllabus and gather all of the necessary class materials.2. Locate a place where you can focus and study throughout the year. 3. Start…

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Kids Read Now Parent Tip #3

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MVTV 08 april 2021

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Matthew- Breakfast video- National Nutrition Month

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Raniyah's Routine - PTV 1

Raniyah reviews what she's doing daily during the pandemic in 2020.

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Tera nova update.MOV

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 14th 2021, 10:44:18 am

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