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Isabella Torres Final Speech 2022

Hallsville High School

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Alaina Rodgers Final Speech 2022

Hallsville High School

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Work Clean - The Daily Meeze

Work Clean is the first organizational book inspired by the culinary world, taking mise-en-place outside the kitchen. Every day, chefs across the globe churn out enormous amounts of high-quality…

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Sonic Boom Misconceptions #shorts

The sonic boom is not what you think... What is the sonic boom and how does it work? You are about to find out #NotWhatYouThink #shorts Music: Flightmode - Chris Shards Footage: Note:…

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Little Girl Big Dream: The Story of Olympian Samantha Peszek

Samantha had a BIG dream! Being an Olympian meant she had to be the very best, or so she thought...

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What Happens To Your Brain When You Mindlessly Scroll?

For more info, check out: Start building your ideal daily routine. The first 500 people who click on the link will get…

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Kiran Puckett Speech 1

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Kaylee Hale Final Speech

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Weekly Resource Room Message 9/14/20

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VCMS Daily Announcements 8/18/20

Brief welcome message...

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Reading Routine Lesson June 1

Let's Review Our 3rd Grade Reading Routine

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day in the life of matt p

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JUMP routines with T Alex

Using all 6 of the feet jumping patterns we have learned so far this year, T Alex demonstrates two routines that put them all together. He also reviews the counting and jump rope song, Double Dutch…

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Hand MS Asst Principal Check in #2

The Assistant Principals from Hand Middle School are back to check in with the hornets during the Spring of 2020.

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9.Lesson Recap

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Unit Introduction

lesson 4.3

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