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The Gruffalo

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Christmas for a Kitten - Mrs. Brannon

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Co-Teach Tub 5: Week 7 (October2)

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The Napping House

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Can I be your Dog Read Aloud

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Blanche Honeycutt 2004

Interview with Blanche Honeycutt, Class of 1939. Conducted summer 2004 in the Broughton High School inner courtyard.

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1st Music Lesson April 28

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4-17-20 Story Time

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READING Drawing Conclusions Read Aloud

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Reveille up tempo practice

Practice along. Advance through the video as you get more comfortable at the quickened tempo.

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Reveille slow practice

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Mrs.King Can I Be Your Dog?F85E4B78-25E3-42F2-8ADD-274475976240

Arfy writes convincing letters trying to find himself an owner.Listen to find out if his pleas worked! Does Arfy find an owner?

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Shadow Puppets with Kyler and Ms. Galvin

Ms. Galvin and Kyler show you how to make shadow puppets for the Fun Friday Lesson. All you need is a light source, a wall, and your hand.

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Reading April 1, 2020 (The Squeaky Bed)

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Riff-Raff Sails the High Cheese

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Ruff N' Tuff

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