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Interview Z's version

I interviewed Lexi Berg about her school life.

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Brave TV News 1/29/2021

William R Boone High School in Orlando, Florida daily news broadcast

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MS74's 2020 Winter Dance

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Monday, September 14 English II Class

Troubleshooting Canvas & Google issues with the Wordly Wise Worksheet; completing worksheets 11A-C

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Teacher Website

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The Very Busy Spider

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Writing Lesson on Verb Tense Part 2_5/13/20

In this lesson we will review the three main verb tenses and practice changing the verb tense in a sentence.

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IXL Tutorial on Ipad

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SchoolTube Tutorial for Mary

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Signing Into Apps # 3

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Science March 27th

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science time for safari

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On Safari In Asia

In this episode we go on safari in Asia and meet up with the animals that call Asia “home” - Mike the Proboscis Monkey, Sonny the Sun Bear, Luke the Douc Langur, Tarli the Tiger and…

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appdev myvids test upload 4/7

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