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Sixth Grade End of Year Slide Show 2021-2022

6th science 2021-2022 End of Year Slide Show

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Sagebrush Steppe: A Beautiful Secret

A short documentary about the sagebrush steppe ecosystem.

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Thunder Feathers: the Life of the Greater Sage-grouse

This short film shows the sage-grouse lifecycle from chick to adult, and the sagebrush ecosystem crucial to their survival. Edited by Virginia Moore and produced by Melissa Hemken for AT Lander Arts…

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Annabelle Phillips Speech 1 2022

Hallsville High School Speech 1 2022

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The Water Cycle Song | Science Songs | Scratch Garden

The Water Cycle Song introduces the Water Cycle and it's components: Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation. Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►► ◄◄…

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WWTV News November 22, 2021


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Ch 2.2 NOTES (9-14-21)

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Ladue View - May 2021

Stories include: Creating a Yearbook during the pandemic Find out about the Ladue student club SAGE Hear from Senior Ladue activist Lauryn Donovan Meet Coach Dillon and find out about our school…

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News Package

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a short news package. My video focuses on SAGE, a climate advocacy club at Ladue.

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Hardscrabble by Sandra Dallas

Hardscrabble written by Sandra Dallas is a SCASL Children's Book Award nominee for 2020-21. Come join us as we "crack the door" of this book to begin learning about a family who moves…

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Yoga Tales (Cobra and Cat)

Here are 2 stories from the Yoga Tales Book.

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Mrs Whittle's Rainbow Garden

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Número del día con Mr.Granados

Hoy trabajaremos en el número 65. Veremos las diferentes formas en que podemos representar y trabar con el número 65.

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Triangular Triangles

Here's a song that makes a point...3 points, actually!

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Purple Sage Elementary Fall Festival

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Lily Scholarship Finalists

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