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Digestive System of Human Body | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children

This video does a great job describing the digestive system to kids. Our topic for today is Digestive System in Humans. Digestion is a process in which complex food material is broken down into…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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October 22, 2020 Morning Announcements

Student Body Secretary, Bodhi, joins Mr. Martinez and Joya for his weekly segment, Guess Bodhi's Year Long Songs. Today he plays a famous jazz song by Herbie Hancock. The group is also joined…

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Digestive System 2

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Where Food Goes To...

Take a look at our amazing digestive system! 1. Nose and mouth 2. Esophagus 3. Stomach 4. Liver and Pancreas (bile and juices) 5. Small Intestine 6. Large Intestine 7. Rectum and anus

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Mindful Eating

What can you eat mindfully? What can you feel while eating? What do you notice? Let us know what you tried or if you have another idea for mindfulness let us know by commenting below!

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MythBusters - Flu Fiction part 1 of 2

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