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Pre-School - Saturday Night Live

Watch this funny SNL sketch from 1986 about one preschool teacher that might be better suited for a different job.

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Hilarious Teacher Technology in the Classroom

Watch this satirical look at the latest in teacher technology in the classroom. For over 140 additional teacher videos check out my channel and hit that sub button. My podcast is called Crying in…

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How to Breakfast

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Jumping Jacks

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The iPhone (WSCN 2014)

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Hillary Clinton Convention Speech 2000

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SNL Satire of Clinton and Palin

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WNHS-TV March 3, 2017

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WSCN 05.11.17

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MJS Personal Project

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Steve Carell's satirical spoof of LeBron's "The Decision"

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LeBron James "The Decision"

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Satire Review

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Satire Project

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The Magnificent Seven: Rule 2 (PART 2)

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