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Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

Check out the 96 million black plastic balls on the Los Angeles reservoir and find out why they're there. The first time hearing about shade balls you might associate them with the claim was…

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I Want To Be a Comic Book Artist - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

This is Owen and if he could be anything he we be a comic book artist, can you imagine that? He would think of awesome characters, like a silly dinosaur named Rexi! RAAAWWW Subscribe!…

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Extras, School Administrator, October 2022 Issue

Check out these extras from the October 2022 issue of School Administrator magazine. In this short video, transportation expert Tim Shannon of Twin Rivers Unified Schools in California explains his…

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MV ANN 8-25-22

MV ANN 8-25-22

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Net Worth

Net Worth

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CREWS 4 NEWS @ BES - March 11, 2022

Spotlighit on BES - Beaufort County Rercycling Winner, Vivian Dang - Mrs. Johnson's 5th grade science classes STEM Olympiad -

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Seasons and Wellness

Thanks for watching!

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SJHS 12.6.21


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6th Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy Checking Accounts

Learn the various features and fees associated with checking accounts, including monthly fees, activation fees, and overdraft charges. Also learn how debit cards and checks work in coordination with…

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4th Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy Financial Institutions

Learn the various functions of a bank, including acting as a depository for money and lending money (e.g., car loans, mortgages). One extended example is given in the video. Find all my videos and…

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4th Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy Types of Saving

Learn to distinguish between different savings options, ranging from piggy banks to CDs and bonds. Several examples are given and discussed in the video, including the interest and risk of each type…

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3rd Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy Spending and Saving

Learn about different options for using your income, including spending, both planned and unplanned, saving, including for college, and charitable giving. Find all my videos and even more math…

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VIDEO 1.6 Linear Systems Day 3 Writing Equation for Systems of 3

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Eisenhut Elementary Morning Student News Broadcast

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Expository "Goals" Brainstorming

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1/7 Class Session

1/7 Class Session

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