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Quincy School Committee November 16, 2022

Quincy School Committee Meeting This event was recorded on November 16, 2022

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Quincy School Committee October 12, 2022

The School Committee reviews MCAS and testing statistics for QPS compared to state averages with guest speakers Ms. Perkins and Ms. Roy

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Quincy School Committee September 28, 2022

The school nurse has a word with the board and details statistics on 'nurse effectiveness'. This led to talks about students who report self harm and depression and how to better serve…

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Quincy School Committee September 14, 2022

The Committee talks with Dave Murphy, Department of Natural Resources. The Public Buildings Department also provides updates. Jacqui Niosi gets inducted into the MA Volleyball Hall of Fame after…

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Quincy School Committee September 7, 2022

Meeting includes a presentation from James Hardy of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees

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Quincy School committee June 15, 2022

The Quincy School Committee approves the FY 2023 budget and also recognizes the North Quincy High WGBH Quiz Show Champions. There also a presentation of a year in review which highlighted all the…

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Quincy School Committee May 18, 2022

At this meeting the 2023 Quincy School budget was presented. There was also a presentation about state rules and regulations of discipline for each school district. What types of incidents Quincy…

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Quincy School Committee May 4, 2022

This meeting was held at the Old City Hall Council Chambers. National Honor Society students from both Quincy High and North Quincy High were recognized for their academic achievements. A…

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Quincy School Committee March 23, 2022

Quincy's top three CVTE students of the Year spoke about and presented projects related to their major and then they fielded questions from the committee. The high school Career Liaisons also…

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Quincy School Committee Teaching and Learning Subcommittee March 21, 2022

An overview was given of the Culturally Responsive Teaching Program in the Quincy Public Schools. The committee also agreed to vote on the Superintendent's 2021 -2022 goals at the next full…

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Quincy School Committee March 9, 2022

This School Committee meeting is the first meeting in almost two years that the public was allowed to attend the meetings since Covid started. A presentation was given about the Illustrative Math…

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Quincy School Committee Teaching & Learning Subcommittee January 26, 2022

Five Elementary Schools presented their Program Improvement Plans to the committee. They were Beechwood Knoll, Snug Harbor, Montclair, Merrymount, and Parker.

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Quincy School Committee December 8, 2021

Among the highlights of this meeting was the recognition of staff member Jacqui Niosi, Quincy High Volleyball Coach, who was named MIAA Girls Volleyball Coach of the Year. The Career, Vocational,…

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Quincy School Committee Policy, Athletics, Health & Wellness December 6, 2021

In the Policy Subcommittee the Career & Technical Education Admissions Policy was discussed. In the Athletics, Health & Wellness subcommittee Athletic Directors from both North Quincy and…

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Quincy School Committee Special Education Subcommittee December 6, 2021

In the Special Education subcommittee the Program Improvement Plan was presented by the Special education Team and then discussion with the committee followed. The new co-presidents of QPAC also…

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Special Quincy School Committee December 1,2021

A presentation was made to the Quincy School Committee regarding the Quincy Public Schools' Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Update. A Discussion followed the presentation,

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