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How to Upload Videos to SchoolTube 12-15-21

Learn how to upload videos to SchoolTube

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Video Scheduling Tutorial

Learn how to set open and end dates for video viewing on SchoolTube.

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Create SchoolTube Channel Playlist from Existing Channel Videos

Learn how to create a channel playlist from videos already published to a channel.

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Private Video Function of SchoolTube

Learn how and why to save a video as private using SchoolTube.

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Create and Publish to Private SchoolTube Channel

Learn how to create and publish videos to a private SchoolTube channel.

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Publish Videos to School's Default Private Channel

Learn how to publish videos on SchoolTube to a school's default private channel.

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How to Add Chapters and Display Documents in a Video

Learn how to add chapters and display documents throughout a video for better organization and viewer engagement.

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How to Add a Co-Editor, Publisher, or Viewer to a SchoolTube video.

Sometimes you may want to grant publishing, editing or viewing rights to your videos to others. This video will explain how.

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How to Download Videos from SchoolTube

Learn how to set up videos so that they can be downloaded from SchoolTube.

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SchoolTube Capture for Screen & Audio Recording

Use SchoolTube Capture to record lessons, presentations, create training videos, and record smartboard sessions. The ability to instantly record your device screen, camera and audio feed makes…

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SchoolTube Feature Review for Media & Journalism Teachers

Watch a full review and live demo of the SchoolTube features that align with media and journalism class needs.

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School Tube Overview - New Features

See all the new features SchoolTube has to offer!

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SchoolTube automated closed captioning & editor

Learn how to use SchoolTube automated closed captioning and our on-page captions editor.

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Safely Play YouTube Videos On SchoolTube

Learn how to safely play YouTube videos in K-12 schools by using the SchoolTube YouTube(r) passport feature.

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Creating a Private Channel & Adding Members

Learn how to create a private channel on SchoolTube and how to add members to a private channel.

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Upload Videos to SchoolTube: Moderator Process

Learn the educator/moderator process for uploading videos to SchoolTube.

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