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How to Use SchoolTube Express Capature

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How to Share and Embed SchoolTube Playlists

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How to Add a Co-Editor, Publisher, or Viewer to a SchoolTube video.

Sometimes you may want to grant publishing, editing or viewing rights to your videos to others. This video will explain how.

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How to Download Videos from SchoolTube

Learn how to set up videos so that they can be downloaded from SchoolTube.

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SchoolTube Capture for Screen & Audio Recording

Use SchoolTube Capture to record lessons, presentations, create training videos, and record smartboard sessions. The ability to instantly record your device screen, camera and audio feed makes…

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Upload Videos to SchoolTube: Moderator Process

Learn the educator/moderator process for uploading videos to SchoolTube.

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How to Delete a Channel from SchoolTube

When a channel is no longer needed, delete it following the steps in this video. Deleting a channel does not delete the videos under the channel. A channel is just an organize view of select videos…

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