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Check out this funny video from Brent Rivera all about the differences between high school life in the movies compared to high school life in real life. HIGH SCHOOL IN MOVIES VS REAL LIFE | Brent…

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Bryan News Package

This is my News Package project for the Ladue Broadcast Technology 1 class. In this video I interviewed Selvidge Middle School student, Brandon Lopez, about his experience in Middle School. This is…

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Weekly Announcements 3-21

Weekly Announcements 3-21

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Getting Ready for Middle School Part 1: Fears & Faves

We asked students to share what they love about middle school, and what made them anxious as they made the transition from elementary school. This is the first of three videos geared toward preparing…

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All about me

During this project there was a lot of negatives and there were some positives. Some positives were that I could talk about things I love doing and really express myself. Some negatives were that I…

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SJHS NEWS 3.22.21

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Thank You Ms. Lock

In this video I am thanking my past teacher for being such an inspiration to me through out my high school career. Ms.Lock and I go to Ladue High school and Ms.Lock is a Social studies teacher.

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When I was Offered a Spot in Smart Lab

Students talk about their reaction to being offered a spot in Smart Lab.

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My Biggest Regret from Freshman Year

Students discuss their biggest regret(s) academically before taking S.M.A.R.T. Lab.

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Recommendations for Taking the S.M.A.R.T Lab Class

Students explain why they recommend taking the class, S.M.A.R.T LAB.

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Taylor Rogers-Claxton High School- Entrepreneurship

FCCLA STAR Event-Entrepreneurship

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100 days of school with Grandma

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RFS Brick Wall vs Trampoline

A Lesson About Flexibility in Learning

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Coping with COVID

This is the second video in my Coping with COVID series in which Mrs. Guhr, a Ladue english teacher, shares how she's been dealing with this pandemic.

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Video Recording - Monday Oct 19th 2020 08:57:54 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

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