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North Quincy High Spring Concert 2022

You can listen to the wonderful sounds of the combined NQHS/QHS Band. You can also hear the wonderful voices of North Quincy's Junior Choir and the NQHS Concert Choir. Not to mention the…

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GoGuardian: Sending Websites

Demonstrates how to use GoGuardian to send websites to student Chromebooks.

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How-To Green Screen

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Edlink Tutorial - Whitelisting Edlink in G Suite"

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EasyBib Citing a Website

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Boardmaker Basic_ Creating a Button_symbol

Instructions on how to create boardmaker cells and adding symbols/pictures

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Turning on Select and Speak

Directions to turn on the accessibility feature of Select and Speak on a Chromebook

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Combien personnes photo - Enfants

Pour Canvas teaching 2020-2021 - Self recorded

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Image Design and Editing Unit 10 Assignment Instructional Video

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Worksheet Example Section 10.1

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This covers selection options in AutoCAD

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Sillhouetting a Cutout

Sillhouetting a Cutout

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Image Design and Editing April 27th - May 1st Instructional Video

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Formulas and Functions

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Uploading a Video

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