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Mr. Vannah reading The Good Egg by Jory John and Pete Oswald

Scholastic Publishing Video Recording - Fri Aug 28 2020 14:44:40 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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The Good Egg

He is a good egg, his friends are not! Can he teach them how to be good, or will he crack under the pressure?

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The Grizzly Bear

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Activity 6 Borrower or Lender

This is a read aloud for Activity 6: Borrower or Lender

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The Good Egg by Jory John -Read Aloud by krowe4kids.

The Good Egg by Jory John - Read Aloud by krowe4kids. The good egg gets tired of being surrounded by bad eggs so he decides to take some time to himself. When he begins missing the rest of the…

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