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Beowulf | Lines 1-63 (A Royal Lineage) Summary & Analysis

This playlist contains 18 video study guides that break down the text of Beowulf. These videos will go a long way in helping students create their own analyses with textual citations. After…

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S1_M3_10 Securing Data with PII Shield

This video describes how the GG4L School Passport PII Shield protects sensitive data.

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S1_M3_3 Choosing Data to Share (Demo)

This vidoe discusses the process of choosing which data elements are to be shared with a consuming application

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Saints @ 8 - August 23, 2021

Saints @ 8 - August 23, 2021

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Securing Data with PII Shield

This video provides the School Passport administrator with an overview as to how Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may be shielded from within the School Passport Connect console.

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Senior Car Parade Coverage

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Fourth Grade, Life Science, Lesson 5, Engineering Project

Designing a knee brace.

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WCS Middle School Chapel 3-10-11

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1066 The Battle of Hastings (4 6) History - The Norman Conquest

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Welcome to AVS Elyse!

Welcome Elyse!

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What is a coat of arms

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10/7 class session

10/7 Class session

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ppe vocab

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PPE power tools

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Parent Orientation Video 2020

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Welcome 20-21

Welcome 20-21

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