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Photo Shoot Montage Mania

Montage Mania final for Mr. Goble's class. Ava took photos of her friend Catherine in some abandoned parts of St. Louis.

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Workspace in Google Drive

If you are watching this video as your training assignment, please take a screenshot of your Google Drive set up with your workspaces and add it to the assignment for the week.

From  amandabauman on August 27th, 2020 0 likes 4 plays

Saxon Algebra 1/2 Lesson 82 (also 81)

Evaluation with signed numbers Multiplication and division with signed numbers

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Most fingers and toes (polydactylism) on a living person

Devendra has 14 fingers and 14 toes. This is the result of polydactylism - usually when the baby is still in the womb the hand begins in a paddle shape, with fingers and toes forming at week…

From  Guiness World Records on December 11th, 2019 0 likes 72 plays

Orbax and Pepper react to the loudest burp

Orbax and Pepper react to the video of Paul Hunn performing his loud burps, giving some scientific analysis of the process of burping. Can be used in conjunction with the original Loudest…

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Spring Rec Event Shoot

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