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Anthon McDermott Final Speech 2022

Hallsville High School

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27 Perspective Photography

27 Perspective Photography

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou | Chapter 26

In this playlist of 42 videos, Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is summarized and analyzed chapter by chapter with additional discussions at the end. Over the course of these…

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A STEAM challenge about a "duck on water transport machine" ..... it is a long story !!!! because the duck hunting dog is sick !!!!!! This is where we arte up to so far - more later !

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5-11-22 Daily Announcements


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5-2-22 Daily Announcements


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SHIMMER: Songs of Night | Kids Book of Poems READ ALOUD! (Poems for Kids)

Kids Books: SHIMMER read aloud for children! All the poems in this book are dedicated to the night & all the magical things that happen when it's dark! It's a Poetic KidTime StoryTime…

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Shooting Kabul Chapter 3

Shooting Kabul Ch 3

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The Kent State Shooting Lexie Toshav

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shooting gallery

this is my shooting gallery project i did for broadcast tech enjoy

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Shooting Gallery Editing

In broadcast tech one of the projects we do is shooting all sorts of shots that are found in movies. Or the shooting gallery project. In this project we had to record the 18 shots that are commonly…

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Shooting Gallery

For this assignment i was required to record 19 different video shots, and then Edit 10 together.

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The Shooting Gallery

A project where we took 19 unique shots and compiled 10 of them into a video.

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The Shooting Gallery

In this assignment, we were giving 19 different shots that we were supposed to record and edit. For the final project, we got to choose ten of the nineteen shots we filmed and put them together and…

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Hariswar Baburaj Shooting Gallery

We were asked to do a project where you need to take 10 different video shots of a person. So it can improve our skills in handling the camera, the way that we take the shots, and improvise our…

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Shooting Gallery Editing

This video includes many different angles of Leona doing things at school.

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